Who are we?

I am Martin van den Houdt. Designer, goldsmith and visual artist
Atelier Davinci is my workplace. I design and make all kinds of images (large and small), jewelry, sculptures and utensils.
My work can be found online, via Atelier-davinci.nl, Art-Y.be, Art-ty.nl, Artforcraft.nl, Kerstbeeld.nl and Atelier-Zandloper.nl.

Martin van den Houdt
van Heemstraweg 128b
6621 KL Dreumel
tel: +31 (0) 487-573985
fax: +31 (0) 84-7546195
mobile: +31 (0) 6-54256115
e-mail: info@atelier-davinci.nl

URL: www.atelier-davinci.nl
URL: www.art-ty.nl
URL: www.art-y.be
URL: www.atelier-zandloper.nl
URL: www.artforcraft.nl
Chamber of Commerce: 55532713 (TAX) VAT: NL-043321501B02
IBAN NL85SNSB 0940 8611 86

Who and what?
Atelier Davinci is located in Dreumel (Gelderland) and here I can be found daily in my own art foundry.In the past I worked as a goldsmith at Schaap en Citroen Juweliers for more than 12 years. In 1995 it was time to spread my artistic wings further and I started with Atelier Davinci. Since then I mainly design and make sculptures, statuettes and jewelry. For private individuals, but also for commercial companies and non-profit organizations (think of promotional gifts, memorabilia and & articles for fundraising).
Occasionally I work together with various partners, including bronze founder Bogart and goldsmith Gemair.
As a product developer and designer, I have designed many articles and carried out assignments for companies at home and abroad. Sometimes this is about utensils that, for example, are suitable as promotional gift, but also special designs, designed in close collaboration with customers and completely tailored to their wishes about the nature of a design, the material used and the available budget. Many of these (not all) can be seen in
my Portfolio .

What kind of material?
For example, I make the smaller statuettes in a burnished tin alloy, but also in silver. The larger statues are cast in high-quality bronze or aluminum. I have been making also images in corten language, such as the
Hadwin and Stopher Memorial.
I always make jewelery in what applies to the law as precious metal applicable metals, but other materials (natural products or plastics) are of course also available upon request.

For whom?
For private individuals, this may include personal jewelry, including wedding rings (or the amusing thereof), souvenir jewelry, commemorative jewelry and ash jewelry, as well as ash statues in burnished pewter, bronze or precious metal. Examples can be seen in
my Portfolio .

For companies and non-profit organizations, the added value lies primarily in the creative and personal approach. I would like to think along with you, whether it's about creating and making a lasting memory for anniversaries, another special event or a custom made image, figurine or piece of jewelry. This often involves shaping the corporate identity, in the form of unique artworks, in large or small numbers. Examples can be seen in my
Portfolio and on Art-tY.n l
In addition, other artists can come to me for 3D scanning of a work of art and the entire 3D editing to finally be able to print and then cast the work. This printing can be done in many formats, so also for reducing / enlarging and casting a model in bronze. Contact me for more information about this, or see 'Company collection'. and / or my portfolio. Do you want to visit the studio? Which can! Call or email me for an appointment: (+31) 487 573 985/ 06 54256115 or info@atelier-davinci.nl You are welcome to discuss the options and your wishes in a personal conversation.