The burnished statues are in a high-quality tin alloy molded. Silver leaf and gold leaf are used. The larger statues are cast in high-quality bronze, but can also be in aluminum. For some time now images have been made in corten steel, such as the Hadwin and Stopher Memorial .
Jewelry is only made, according to Dutch law,  as  precious metal applicable metals. Davinci does not make base-silver-plated jewelry.


We patinate our images by hand obtain the best possible result. The statuettes are provided with a black / anthracite-colored patina as standard. Some figurines, such as the butterflies, have been painted with a different color. We emphasize that we do not paint or paint the statuettes with a color, but rather patina ( Wiki) . All our patina-work is hand-made done, making each frame unique.
Patina is finished with lacquer and wax at Davinci. Because of this there is a difference in appearance (the paint looks a bit harder  than wax.


Maintenance: with the very delicate statues, such as the butterflies, it is wise to use a very soft brush.
The figurines can be maintained with a soft cloth and possibly some furniture wax (for example Pledge).
NB: Use
NEVER polishes, thinners such as "thinner", or solvents such as acetone, MEK or tri. These agents remove the oxide layers, varnish and wax (especially the patina). Use of these types of resources WILL DEFINITELY cause damage that you cannot repair yourself.
In case of what " fall out "  (locally too strong, greenish oxidation which has a disturbing effect) you can use the best heater black from HG. A little on a brush o.i.d. and eliminate the oxidation. In the absence of stove black, a good black shoe polish can also be used.


Pedestals are " as they are ". This means that the soft grinded pedestals cannot be made high-gloss by polishing them. For heavily soiled pedestals, it is best to email Davinci for advice. Don't forget to send a photo of the polluted part with your e-mail.
NB: Use
NEVER polishes, thinners such as thinner, gasoline or solvents such as acetone, MEK or tri. Many pedestals are porous (marble, basalt, freestone) and the contamination that you try to remove in this way dissolves and will pull into the stone that you will probably never get "out again". These agents also get paint and was gone, which was perhaps not the intention. Using these types of resources can result in damage that you cannot repair yourself.

Precious metal ;

Atelier Davinci only makes jewelry from metals known as precious metals by law, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Jewelry can be cleaned by mixing a bath of green soap with a splash of ammonia and hot water. (- NB: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SHARE METALS !!  Pearls, soft minerals such as malachite etc. will be damaged in this solution! -).
Ensure good ventilation when using this and use clean household gloves! Ammonia is a danger !