Beeldjes, ook voor een opening van een bedrijf  of zaak.....













As an exclusive business gift 

A promotional gift has a business purpose. Appreciation, gratitude, perpetuation, and more .... Of course, also not to be forgotten, because you are unique.
Too bad then: bottle empty?  Pen empty? Low battery? Go on! :  in the trash! Including the giver, all good wishes, all good intentions. Tally ho, to the next bottle, different pen (as long as it does)  or gadget ...... From another giver.
Atelier Davinci statues do not run out, do not run out, are not edible and there is no battery in it that does not function. They are very durable, unique and are placed in a prominent place and only have the function that you, the giver, will not be forgotten for a very long time. Wasn't that supposed to be? Right?

Our collection is composed of many themes, so that for every conceivable occasion a suitable and original work of art can be found in the form of a sculpture.  But that is not everything: Also a
nice packaging has been thought of, so that unpacking is also a party.

Are you looking for a unique design, figurine or piece of jewelry for your company, Christmas package or theme package: & nbsp; we design and make everything ourselves, according to your wishes. You can find many examples in the  Portfolio,

For companies and institutions that have multiple images or jewelry from the collection of Davinci wishes, or a piece of art as a customized business gift, we have created a separate site:

 Art-ty. For figurines and jewelry, also for companies

Creativity, craftsmanship and quality are paramount at Atelier Davinci:  we design and make all the figurines and jewelry ourselves. We design to your liking, we only use high-quality materials such as gold, silver, bronze, tin, burnished tin and other exclusive materials when making.