Personalizing with a text plate (engraving image)

Personalize it with a text plate on the base of an image can be provided by Art-Y. For this, a gold-colored & nbsp; engraving plate used with a black lettering.

Delivery times:
Default: A few working days after the order and delivery of text and any artwork to be applied. If possible, delivery will be quick.

Texts will only be accepted in writing (for example by using the e-mail function in the product page: Input).
Generally we write texts in multiple lines centered to the center, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The text is literally taken from the & nbsp; example.
The supplied text is digitized by us (as a vector ) and placed with a layout in a proof. This sample will be sent to you by e-mail in a pdf file for review, after which you send it back to us with or without comments. & Nbsp;
Logos or a logo can also be processed. If desired, please contact Art-Y (Davinci) (0031-487-573985) first, or your question by e -mail (

After your approval the image will be made for you and on placed the base. This agreement can be made by returning the proof by email. 


engraving plate

If a logo is required, please contact Art-Y
size: all sizes up to maximum width 80 mm

For larger numbers we can make competitive offers. Find out about Art-Y (Atelier Davinci).

(The one in the shop price quoted is including tax )